Our Aims

The aim of the group is to develop a data network within the North East of England for use by Radio Amateurs.
The core values of the project are:-
  • The network can use technologies available to radio amateurs, by using both traditional Digital RF modes and High Speed Data modes.
  • Use of the commercial internet will be limited.
  • The network will be accessible for all radio amateurs.

Priority will always be given in cases of emergency.



North East England
The North East of England covers an area from the Scottish Borders down to North Yorkshire and to the Pennines in the West.



Amateur Radio is served by several repeaters opertaing in the 2m and 70cm bands. Some of the digital repeaters - especially DMR - are connected together using standard internet connectivity. Other repeaters are linked via ECHOLINK and ALLSTAR.
There are other voice gateways available onto the ECHOLINK and ALLSTAR networks, again connected via the internet to the world wide network.


Low Speed Data

There has traditionally been a packet network running in the area on 144.800Mhz running low speed data and APRS information.