Our first remote RF node based at DOWNHILL, kindly hosted by one of our local utility service providers.

Installed 13 November 2023.

The node is an UBIQUITI Rocket M5 using a UBIQUITI AM-5G17-90 sector antenna. The height is modest, only 3m above ground level. The site is approximately 95m asl.

The antenna is pointing towards the south to cover our initial test stations within Sunderland.

Initial tests showed a 23db SNR to G4EKM but only 16db SNR to G0BZY. A slight adjustment of direction by only a few degrees brought the SNR up to 26db SNR with G0BZY.



It proves that predication software is only good for initial mapping. Checking the antenna profile shows how much db loss occurs at the beamwidth edges.




Now we have a workable node, for further experimentation.

Path Predictions