This was our 1st node to be licensed. Located at the qth of G4EKM.

This is a UBIQUITI POWERBEAM M5-300 radio.

It operates on 5625Mhz using the AREDN firmware at a 10mhz bandwidth.

it connects to the AREDN mesh to access a PBX, mail server, camera feeds. These are running under the club callsign of M0JLX.

It is currently pointing to MB7NED which is 5.2km away



This BPQ25 node is located at the qth of G4EKM.

It is a Motorola GM340 and AK88 tnc - running in KISS mode, with a small thin client WYSE computer running Ubuntu and LINBBQ.

It operates on 144.93755Mhz - ax25 paket 1200baud